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Many business open their doors every day and go about their business without even thinking of the security in their information systems. You place your client’s information in your computers but don’t practice any security measure to make sure that information doesn’t end in the wrong hands.

There are simple questions you can ask yourself right now and score your security level.
Are you storing your data in an Encrypted storage?
Is your computer running the latest Microsoft Security Updates ( yes Microsoft does find opened doors in other systems)
Are you running a GOOD Antivirus  or Endpoint Software?
Are your computers being monitored?
Do you know what’s happening with your computers?  Who used your computer last?
Is there any kind of device protecting against unwanted access to your business network?
What if someone is connected to your computer right now?

You might have a problem if you don’t know the answer to any these questions. Give us a call today for a free consultation, we can help you right now!

Security is for everyone and every business. It does not matter what type of business you run or what time of customers you help, you need to protect your business. I’m sure you have seen all the news about recent hacks and data leaks. This can affect anyone  and it could be your business on the news. There are many technologies out there to help you protect your business.

Simple things as password rotation practices, good antivirus and encryption can protect you from must attacks. It doesn’t take much to protect your business computers, all you need is to contact a professional IT Support Services company to help you.

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