How to Build and Setup Wi-Fi in your Office

Many times we rent office space from other companies and use shared Internet or Wi-Fi. STOP DOING THIS!!!! This might be good for your wallet but not for security. Sharing Wi-Fi connection with landlords or other offices in the same building can open all kinds of security back doors. You have no control nor have any idea of who is seeing your data. Yes, people can see how many times you go to Facebook or how much time you spend in Amazon.

Take this simple steps to build and Setup your own Wi-Fi network in your office.

First, if you are a small business GET A GOOD business grade wireless router. If you have more than 20 users in your office you might want something capable of supporting that amount of users and we can help you find the right equipment. Contact us here

Second, connect your router to the Internet feed or main connection provided by your landlord or Office manager. If you are in a rented space there should be a network plug which should be the main connection to your office.

Last, configure the access point (AKA  wireless router) and USE strong passwords. When you set up your office Wi-Fi also make sure you protect management interfaces and access to the device its self.

This should help you configure a basic wireless network in your office. Our group can help you configure this basic setup or a much more sophisticated setup. Either way, we are here to help. If you would like to setup a SAFE AND SECURE business Wi-Fi or even Wi-Fi hotspot for your customers.

Don’t make it easy for the bad guys to steal you information, call today!

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