Cloud Storage

Currently using cloud storage software to send or share files?

  • Most leading companies do not have Phone support. It may take days before you get responses on solving an issue. Our Nubia Drive is a cloud storage solution that allows you to share and store files securely. Also, it offers clients a very simple way of collaborating. If at any moment you need assistance with any of the many features or have problems with our software, we are a phone call or e-mail away. We can help to get you up and running within minutes. Many of our clients cannot afford to have any downtime or problems when accessing there files and that is why we provide phone support so that whatever the outcome, we are there for you.

Don’t worry about backups! Move your file server to the Cloud.

  • Many of our clients have moved all of their files to the NUBIA drive. The benefits of this is that now they are able to access their files from anywhere with internet. Also, they no longer have to worry about losing their files due to something happening with their file server. Once your files are on the NUBIA drive, we backup your files and give you access to your backups. If you have to restore a file, you will have the ability to do so quickly. Our drive also lets you collaborate with your team to easily share files as well as setup notifications for anything you would like. A good example is setting up notifications when a certain file is accessed, changed, or deleted. The NUBIA drive will let you know who made any changes and when. An affordable simple solution that gives you complete control of your files with auditing capabilities.


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