NUBIA Desktops and Networks

Access a cloud computer with all your files, all your software, and all your shortcuts/favorites from any device with internet!

Have your own cloud computer or network with several NUBIA desktops and servers all sharing files and collaborating easily and fast. If you have employees in different locations across the globe, there is no need to e-mail each other files. Instead, you can just share files faster by placing it on your own shared folder on the cloud network. This adds on to the security of your network in which files do not leave your personal network.

Another great feature about NUBIA Desktops is that you never risk the chances of losing your files. We backup your files. If anything were to go wrong with it, we can get you back up and running within minutes. Prior to working with RTC, many of our clients or their employees would store information locally. Their physical computers/servers kept getting malware or having hardware failure. They would contact us to clean out the computer, buy parts, and even at times restore the computer. This is a very lengthy process and can cause that employee/company to not work for several days.

When you move over to the cloud, you can access your NUBIA computer/network from any device. Even if your local physical computer had problems, you now can connect from another computer with internet access. You can even connect via a Smartphone or Tablet and be back to work within minutes. As with all our products, we offer phone support. We will gladly guide you through any process or issues you may have to access your virtual NUBIA Desktop/Network.

Virtualization of your Network can save you money.

Instead of upgrading or purchasing several physical servers, you can just purchase a few powerful servers. Within those servers, you can virtualize all the servers you need. By doing this, you have lowered the chances of downtime. Also, you have saved money on the maintenance of all that hardware you would of had.

Here is another example of a virtual solution that can save you money. Do you currently have employees that work from home? Have you ever wanted to work from home? Want your employees to work from anywhere while still maintaining a secure environment? Here’s how this solution can save you money:

  • Almost everyone has a personal computer at home. Lets say that you have several employees working from home. Not everyone needs to access a work computer at the same time. We can have them share a cloud computer. Example, let’s say that you have 50 employees, 40 work during the mornings, 2 during evening shift, and 8 work at night. Instead of getting 50 physical computers, we can get 42 NUBIA cloud computers because at max 42 employees may be working at the same time. As long as a NUBIA cloud computer is not being used, we can design the system to give access to any employee who logs on. That employee will have access to all of their files no matter what NUBIA cloud computer they log onto. In this example, you are using 8 less computers which in term saves you money. Not only do you not have to purchase 8 physical computers but also you save money from having to purchase additional licenses for software. Yes, having people work from home can add additional risk. However, we have the necessary solutions to make this work with several environment, while still being compliant, saving you the money and the headaches.
  • Some companies rather not have to maintain their own equipment or are not willing to spend thousands of dollars on equipment up front and would rather pay a smaller monthly fee to start their business. Whatever the reason for needing NUBIA Desktops, Servers, or Virtual Networks, if you have any further questions or want to learn more about what Nubia can do for you, please contact us.