Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Why do I need this?

  • Computer crashes, hard drive failures, malware infections, and physical computer damage can occur at any second. These problems can cause you to lose all your data or have corrupted data. Don’t worry about losing your data or long down times. With a backup of your system, at any moment you can restore your data as well as the system state of your device. Therefore, you can decrease the time it takes from getting back to work from a matter of days to a matter of hours and/or even minutes. Most companies cannot continue to run without having their current files. Please take time to have a Backup and Disaster Recovery for your files/data. Do not just back them up but also have an off-site backup or a complete backup and disaster recovery solution. Here in Florida, as well as any other location, natural disasters occur quite often and if you do not have data being archived or replicated to an off-site location, a natural disaster can cause you to lose all your data despite backing up your data to a local drive.

How we can help you!

  • Want to be worry free when it comes to backups? Let us handle all of your backup and disaster recovery needs. We will send you reports of your backups showing that your data is safe. We can also encrypt and setup your backups to replicate and/or archive to our Local Tier 4 Datacenter.
  • Need your solution to have the ability to replicate, schedule backups, and archive? We can certainly offer you great prices as well as help you setup your system. Backup and Disaster Recovery requires constant attention. As your environment grows, constant changes to the system must be made and Ruiz Technologies & Consulting is here to help you in every step of the way.